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Gallery of Fine Art!!!!

Smith Gallery deals in fine art and not just pigments put onto canvas. We offer topnotch artwork, with an emphasis on California Landscapes and Sacramento Images.

California Landscapes by Vicki Asp

One of the marks of good art is an absence of apparent effort. Whether watching dance or viewing a painting, when we can lose ourselves in the magic of the creation without a distracting awareness of the mind-bending or backbreaking work involved in the making of it, we’re in the presence of a master.

Sacramento Art by Steve Memering

The artist travels the world over and paints his impressions, on canvas. The result is impressive, he paints these places as one's mind and heart might remember them, not as a camera would. The result is what he calls "FANTASY REALISM".

Limited Editon's one of Smith Gallery best seller!

Also called a “giclee”, a limited edition is a published reproduction of an original painting. Smith Gallery’s photographer uses a $40,000 camera and $10,000 lights to take the absolute best quality picture possible (of the original). The resulting digital image is color corrected using Adobe Photoshop to guarantee the colors are true to the painters’ palette.

The image is then transferred onto canvas by a large printer that sprays true pigments onto the canvas in very high quality (“giclee” is the French term for “spray”).

The canvas is then stretched onto stretcher bars with image on the sides - so no framing is required.

The original artist signs the reproduction and numbers it as an authentic limited edition.

smith gallery

is a very large gallery in Sacramento located in the heart of Downtown.

At 1011 K Street (next to The Crest Theatre) offering an extensive array of fine art including: California Landscapes, Sacramento Images, Contemporary Abstracts, Custom Framing and much more.

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We specialize in custom framing!

At Smith Gallery we provide matting and a wide selection of high quality moldings from top names like Larson Juhl, Roma and Studio at competetive prices. Come in and build your own frame or leave it to one of our qualified staff members to find the right frame for your art.


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